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Log - 2005

Johnny Fean and Steve Travers

Johnny Fean and Steve Travers
Photograph Copyright Paul Callaghan  

  Updates from 2005:
Dec  29th Initial 2006 Gigs list released. 
  Dec  12th Johnny played an Electric set with 
                  Horslips in Dingle for TV show
                  "Other Voices ". This will be 
                   broadcast on RTE in 2006
Nov 16th Gigs updated Crusheen in December.
  Oct 16th  Gigs updated Rush in December.
  Oct 16th "Heeeere’s Johnny": Article from
          December last year (2004) in 
                 The Clare Champion

  Oct 8th   Steve on TV talks about the Miami. 
                 Monday 10th Oct BBC1 10:35pm. 
                 Check this link
  Oct 7th   Gigs updated, Killaloe & Kilworth.
  Oct 7th   Last night Oct 6th, Johnny with
                 Horslips played  "Furniture" at the
                 History of Horslips Exhibition launch
                 The Omagh Tribute Band played too.
  Oct 5th   Gigs updated, Killaloe added 
  Oct 1st    Gigs update (Cobblestone re-booked)
  Oct 1st    Ollie Byrne's Musical Musings
  Sept 21st  Video Clip for Point Concert
  Sept 15th Dublin new gig end of Sept. See Gigs 
  Sept 11th Lots of new Photographs added.
  Sept 1st    Gigs again updated.
  Aug 31st  Gigs list updated
  Aug 31st  Having problems posting to our guest
                  book? Try again now!
  Aug 31st  We'll soon have photos from 
                  The Point Depot : check back soon.
  Aug 27th
Rush Gig Cancelled.
  Aug 16th The broken link  for 
                  The Road That Leads Home 
                  from the 'About The Band' page
                  is now repaired.  
  Aug  9th Vicar St Night - Massive Success!
                 List of artists and short video clips. 
  July  23rd Gigs update Point Lineup announced.
  June 25th: Miami Memorial Lineup & Ticket 
  June 13th: Johnny will guest on the Point Theatre
                  concert line-up, 20th August for

                  Phil Lynott tribute concert.
June 13th:  August Gigs update
  June 3rd:  More July Gigs
  June 3rd:  Updated Instruments.
(Extra photos +
                   new DeJessa page at the Silvertone.)  
  May 28th:  Updated Gigs list.
  May 19th:  Find us at
  May 2nd:   Updated Links page.
  May 1st:    Added Radio Kerry Interview 
  May 1st:    New Photographs  on anthology  page.
  April 20th:  Miami Remembrance Event
  April 20th: Site relaunched - Blue to Gold

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